Making Computers Accessible for America’s Children

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Comcast Donates Chromebooks to Laptops for KidZ Project

LFK Delivers 34 Laptops to Barnstable Intermediate School

Carousel Industries
Donates Laptops to Masonic Angel Foundation



Laptops refurbished by the Laptops for KidZ Project will be delivered to our local school partners for placement with children in need, as deemed appropriate by the school professionals that work with the local Masonic Angel Fund chapter.

Our laptops stay in the United States!

When a laptop is donated in a community where there is a MAF chapter, every effort will be made to place the refurbished computer with a child in that community or as close to there as possible.

Laptops donated by national corporations and finance companies will be distributed to schools served by Masonic Angel Fund chapters around the country.

All refurbished laptops are loaded with a Microsoft Windows operating system provided to us through the Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program.  All operating system software is configured in English.  Recipients must be legal residents of the United States.

If you are a parent seeking a laptop for your child please do not contact us.  It is a charter requirement that we avoid direct contact with recipients of MAF assistance.  We work only through partner schools and selected social service groups.


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